A chronicling of our rise to power

Silver is a (hard)rock four-piece band, that’s been around for quite a few years now. But this doesn’t
mean that Silver is gettin’ old! Their live shows are now more vigorous and energetic than ever and
they are working on new material as we speak. Silver challenges your reality, alternates your view on
the laws of nature and unravels hidden secrets of the universe to the common man.

Erik Hoekendijk – Drums

Erik brings rhythmic texture and pulse to the band and is the cornerstone of Silver. He plays the
drums like he plays his women: hard and loud.

Daan Loriaux – Bass and Vocals

Daan brings supernatural powers to the bands arsenal: the man has the voice of an angel, but plays
bass like the devil.

Leander Schrijver – Rhythm-Guitar and Vocals

Leander is the newest member of Silver. He visited his first Silver show when he was 9, and now (4 years later) he’s finally playing in the band of his dreams.

Jeroen Hoekendijk – Lead-Guitar and Lead-Vocals

Jeroen builds on top of the foundations laid by Erik and Daan. Besides bringin’ a bluesy tone and raw
vocals to the Silver-soundscape, he is also known for his unmatched libido.